Courses Investment Basics

Investment Basics

In this course, you will learn the basics of investment financing and the implementation of key asset valuation models and company valuation techniques in real situations.

Course type: Online course
Course duration: 5 hours
Language: English
Level: Introductory
Awards: Certificate
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Skills you will learn

   Understanding the stock markets functioning

   Basics of successful investments

   Building a strong portfolio and reducing financial risks

About course

Everyone has heard about the stock market, but how does it work? How does someone make money by investing? This course gives answers to these and other questions. It also examines how careful investment can affect your financial future or the future of your company.

Learn the basics of investing and investment tools. Understand what it takes to stay afloat in a turbulent market, how to choose investments wisely and how world events and other factors play a role in investment strategy.

The overarching aims of this course are to understand the basics of investment financing and to provide the ability to implement key asset valuation models and firm valuation techniques in real situations.

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