Programs Business Management

Number of required courses: 6
Program duration: 3h / course
Level: Introductory
Price: No additional costs
Access: Unlocks automatically when the required courses are completed

Program Certificate in

Business Management (Mini-MBA)

About this program

This Mini-MBA is focused on developing your business skills. It’s an accelerated online program that covers all the key areas of general business management. A mini-MBA is a fast and cost-effective way to achieve your next career goal and make your job profile stronger. It combines the most important aspects of traditional management studies into six exciting and affordable online courses.

Mini-MBA is designed for: 

  • People who want to obtain a basic knowledge of the business world and lay the perfect foundation for their career. 
  • Managers who want to obtain knowledge in various areas related to business so that they can advance in their careers.
  • People who want to get basic information about MBA-style education in a fast and accessible way.

Get a top set of business skills

This Mini-MBA program will give you a perfect set of basic business skills, basic tools and a basic 360-degree understanding of management principles. The plan and content of this Mini-MBA have been carefully developed by management professionals who know which skills are really important for success in today’s complex business world.

How to obtain this program certificate

Just register for the individual courses that are part of this program. After you successfully complete all required courses, you will be able to download the Mini-MBA certificate at no additional charge. Courses can be taken individually and without a specific order.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I register for this program?

Just register for the individual courses that are part of this program. After successfully completing all required courses, you will be able to download the Mini-MBA certificate here.

How much does this program cost?

To obtain the Mini-MBA certificate, you must take individual courses. The price is currently $29,90 per course.

Which certificate will I receive?

You will receive:
- course certificates of individual courses
- Mini-MBA certificate (after completing all required courses)
You will receive all certificates in a digital form (pdf).

What is the value of a Mini-MBA certificate?

The Oxford Business and Management Institute keeps its distance learning programs to the same high standards as traditional educational institutions. This program certificate is therefore recognized and accepted by employers around the world. Please note that we don't award academic degrees. However, most organizations recognize our certificates as valid professional certificates.
This certificate will provide you the tools to excel in the business management. We strongly encourage you to share your program certificate on your LinkedIn account and continue to demonstrate your success and emphasize your knowledge.

Where can I find my Mini-MBA certificate?

After you have completed all the required courses, go to “My Account” > “My Programs ”. Here you can find and download your Mini-MBA certificate.